Sunday, September 13, 2009

Western Bank Financial Statement Analysis

Analysis of the Western Bank Financial Statement
Ernst & Young Auditing
2009 Angelbert D. Morales

I. Introduction
Western Bank is a financial institution with 40,000 account holders and with 15 different branches. Its main location can be found in Southwestern Ontario. It also has 20 different types of deposit account and 20 type of loan.
In order to verify the reasonableness of some of the numbers reported in Western financial statements. The researcher scrutinized the informational data. This is to investigate the lapses of the computed data done by the Western Bank.

The researcher calculated the total interest income by multiplying the interest rate on each type of loan and the loan balance. Then summed over all type of loans and summed over all time periods.

Likewise, the informational data will give the Western Bank manager a broader level of understanding on the computation of the total interest income per month and even per year.

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