Saturday, October 17, 2009

China and USA GDP

It is clearly seen in the figure that Macroeconomic trends - Economic growth - Evolution of GDP of China was more influential than USA. This means that China is more profitable institution than USA. It also notable that China’s GDP in every succeeding year was increasing. This means that most investors believed that China is more profitable than United States of American. On the other hand it is also notable that USA has decreasing GDP from 2004 to 2008 which is not very favorable to their institutional result the USA government have to work hard to improved the said data or else it will lead to a more worse scenario for their country.

1. The USA government has to develop reputations and impose a good image to the market and to their neighboring country to gain positive feedback.
2. The USA CEO has to review basic knowledge on accountancy and make new strategy to gain investors trust. This is because reputation was not fully satisfied.
3. For China government your patients and new trends of marketing really rock the world keep it up and continue to develop new trends and invention. (Science and technology really help)

Note: The figure was formulated from the OECD data.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The enough misery stamps before a star bankrupt.

Investing from a certain company or firm is one of the risks done by the investors but before engaging with the institution precise measurement for the profitability, earnings per share, equity valuation, market value, Okun laws, and etc were done.
Though this measure was done by the investors, the risk is still enveloped in investment. Bankruptcy of institution is still not measurable because forecasting of profits and earnings for future is still imaginary. Though there is a formula for forecasting or trends for the future earnings, 100% efficiency are still unmet. Meaning if bankruptcy was declared investors are the losers of the battle field and they are stamps and misery is not enough to overcome their failure.
Generally success and failure of the firm or company depends on the tactics or strategy of the CEO however the CEO can also manipulate everything. They can make a good balance sheet for presentation but the realities are behind the actual settings. Investors have to be more observant and be keen on the balancing the financial statements. Good accountant and econometrician will guide investors in the nice track of the battle of business.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

United Kingdom hours worked by period

Frequency distribution of hours worked by period
-Period--------Hours worked

The table reveals the frequency distribution of hours worked by period of the United Kingdom. As you can see on the data above there were a decreased in hours worked in every succeeding period as evidenced by the value of 1739, 1738, 1737, 1731, 1719, 1708, 1711, 1692, 1683, and 1669 respectively. The sudden decrease of number of hours per period indicates that there was an increased in number of employee. This implies that employees recieved a beninificial rewards for their working force area because their time of work were minimized without any deduction from tehir salary.

Figure: Frequency distribution of hours worked by period



The Figure shows the frequency distribution of hours worked by period of the United Kingdom. It reveals that there were a decrease in the distribution of hours work in every succeeding period as evidenced by the frequency values of 1739, 1738, 1737, 1731, 1719, 1708, 1711, 1692, 1683, and 1669 respectively. It is also notable that in 2001 there were a slight increased in hours worked.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tweety Bird

Tweety bird at 60

One of the most common cartoon character is Tweety bird. The character always reminds me my childhood life but I am wondering if Tweety bird can be also an old one like me he he he.
One monday morning my co-employee show me her stuff. I was then amaze because she presented 60 year old Tweety Bird on her desktop screen. She told me that it was send by her younger daugther in Dubai.
At first tell to my whoa! Tweety Bird is at 60. In this very unremarkable picture I ask her to send it to my email so that I can share it to my viewers, and here is now.
This is very funny isnt it. But at the other part of it there is a spark that we will be getting older.
Check out his texture, feather, skin and expression. He is not that energetic and hyper active. Meaning all of us can be that way in due time so count your good deeds and be prepare for your future like seating in a racking chair. Wait for your pension and money from your business. (If you don’t have business engage in stocks but be careful with the company before invest check their earning, profitability and cash on hand).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Radio frequency Idnetification operating range, antenna function, transmissin and reception

Radio Frequency Identification Operating Ranges

The operating ranges of radio frequency identification have been categorized as low frequency, high frequency, ultrahigh frequency, and microwave. These ranges determine the speed and accuracy of the system, and thus establish the inferiority or superiority of the system. Usually, it is in the trade-offs that consumers of tags in the supply chain would base their choices of devices with the able guidance of technologist. Otherwise, full capacity benefits will not be derived.

Antenna Function, Transmission and reception

As a technology, radio frequency identification came about as an outgrowth of electronic designs. Radio waves were discovered and tapped for transistors and microprocessors originally, but, were found to be useful in transponders. Mario Cardullo successfully produced passive, read and write radio frequency identification consisting of antenna coil, transceiver with a decoder, and transponder which made him the first person to have it patented in 1969.

Today as radio antenna function in the transmission and reception of messages or information have been efficiently assisting commerce and industry, the units come in various forms, style, and sizes.

Basically, antennae or aerials are metallic rods or wires that put on the air and receive on the air the data between tags and readers or interrogators. Antennae or aerials come in forms dependent upon radiation, intensity, resistance and gain, as well as direction, width of beam, width of band in accord with consumer requirements.

Fig. 4 Antenna to tag (Backscatter)

The signal from the interrogator is relayed out through its antenna which will in turn be received by the antenna of the tag. In other words, there is an antenna to antenna correspondence in terms of radio waves transmission. The tag uses the interrogators’ signal to gain power until it generates a return signal which can be read by an interrogator as this particular signal is a carrier of information contained in the tag as encrypted identification of the item the tag is attached to.

Fig. 5. Tag to Antenna

Once the tag gains power and the informational data is passed on to the antenna and then received by the antenna of the interrogator, the interrogator will communicate to the appropriate middleware Host computer.

What is Radio frequency Idnetification System

Radio Frequency Identification System
Traditionally, radio frequency identification system is made up of coupled inductance circuit and antenna in a transponder or tag, antenna in a receiver, antenna in a reader or interrogator, and data base computer.

Initially, in the manufacture of radio frequency identification microchip, Silicon, 2% by mass added to 0.4% Carbon, is the magnetized and demagnetized steel used in between inductance circuit as information storage. However, the advent of chip-less tags, polymer tags, as well as advances in printing techniques made silicon-less tags. These silent devices are actually the same capable tags that can send to a reader its identity number as well as the identifier number for the material it is attached to. But the so called common sense or brain of the radio frequency identification is in its middleware and backend system called database. It is the middleware that interprets the data read by an interrogator from the tags, and subsequently transmits this to the database for storage.

Radio frequency Idnetification

Effects of Reflection, Diffraction and Refraction on Radio Frequency
The atmospheric environment with which radio frequency waves may be propagated and transmitted presents itself with a variable of impediments. Thus, waves may be reflected, diffracted or refracted depending upon the nature of the barrier, whether it is a conductor, semi-conductor, or non-conductor, and the frequency of the waves.
Radio Frequency Transmission and Reception
Conventionally, radio frequency waves were used as carriers of information depending upon the couplings used to produce specified series of charges acting as codes. These carrier waves may then be intercepted by a receiver in a reader system. The antenna would again vary depending upon the volume of information it is enabled to receive or transmit.

Radio frequency identification commonly known as tags come in a variety of Company tailor-made style with comparable if not as good as features employed in the market. As a tag the transponder is invented with an integrated circuit or IC fixed to a transmitter. This combination is secured in between shield. The set may be contained to a size desired by the consumer. Sometimes it comes in as large as a credit card, and sometimes as small as a fraction of a centimeter.
It is usually the transmitter size, transmission range, and its role in the merchandize that correspondingly determines its dimension.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

What is timeshare industry

Trade selling time of shares and ownership of a property provide consumers with rights to have vacation to the places specified in the package as shareholders and part owners was so called timeshare industry. This was mainly observed in hotels as resorts. The idea was derived from ski resorts and acquired band wagon of timeshare holding business. From then it was discovered that there were benefits of having timeshare it was actually enjoyed by the United States of America, Africa, etc. This was very beneficial because timeshare selling and holdings became a mainstream source of employment as well as income. Developments provide spot to the trade especially with the trade-off. In the long run, the idea of timeshare as a simple purchase of a luxurious vacation home in increments of a week or more became so popular to become globally accepted.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diabetic article

Here is one of my project in medicine under biostatistics.

It has been found out that there are minimal numbers of diabetics with gene A. Its sensitivity was 0.22222 categories as low, and has specificity of 0.38095. This is almost one third of the probability of without gene A in health and true negative rate. The findings reveal that there is a 30% or 0.30 probability of gene A. This is also called the risk of gene A or the estimated probability. The probability of the exposed cases is equal to 0.4667 while the probability of the exposed control is equal to 0.1333. The total of exposed respondents has a value of 0.3000. With 95% confidence, the interval 1.410185 to 27.15574 contains the unknown mean μ.

Monday, September 14, 2009

United Nation: Overall Work Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction with my Organization

The Overall Satisfaction with my Organization had mean scored 2.80 and with standard deviation of 1.06. Of the four related to this factor, respondents just agreed with the statement of “I have a good understanding of the mission and the goals of this organization” with the mean score of 4.10 and standard deviation of 0.91. This was followed by the statement “There is excellent teamwork and cooperation among the employees within this organization” with the mean score of 3.90 and standard deviation of 1.02. The participants feel that there service will be last until retiring age. And respondents have strong commitment with their job as evidenced by the percentage value of 45% and 35% (see figure4).

As noted in figure 5, three fourth of the selected respondents does not treated fairly in the United Nation Secretariat Headquarters as evidenced by the responses 8 disagree and 7 strongly disagree.

The respondents agreed with the statement of “I would recommend others to work in this organization” with the responses of 19 out of 20 and approximately 95% of the total sample (see figure 6).