Friday, September 25, 2009

What is Radio frequency Idnetification System

Radio Frequency Identification System
Traditionally, radio frequency identification system is made up of coupled inductance circuit and antenna in a transponder or tag, antenna in a receiver, antenna in a reader or interrogator, and data base computer.

Initially, in the manufacture of radio frequency identification microchip, Silicon, 2% by mass added to 0.4% Carbon, is the magnetized and demagnetized steel used in between inductance circuit as information storage. However, the advent of chip-less tags, polymer tags, as well as advances in printing techniques made silicon-less tags. These silent devices are actually the same capable tags that can send to a reader its identity number as well as the identifier number for the material it is attached to. But the so called common sense or brain of the radio frequency identification is in its middleware and backend system called database. It is the middleware that interprets the data read by an interrogator from the tags, and subsequently transmits this to the database for storage.

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