Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Large Sample Result: Equity Valuation using accounting numbers

Large sample
This section presents the analysis of the data on the study to find out if the Assets turnover, Profit margin, Equity Multiplier, and Return on total assets have an effect on the Equity Valuation. The Multiple Regression model were used to examined the effect of the other values to the return on equity using LUVLE course website informational data
The descriptive statistics was also used in this study for the presentation purposes. Graphs 3 to 4 show the inflation of the elasticity of the variables.

The statistical informational data was from LUVLE course website: https://luvle/

From Graph 3, shows that there were 710 selected companies or firm. It is notable that there were 6 firms who got high income before extraordinary items, sales, and assets. Firm 702 got the highest inflation of income before extraordinary items, sales, and assets which range between 400000 to 450000 and followed by Firm 94, range near 40000. Third Firm who got income before extraordinary items, sales, and assets is 671, then 624,165 and 478.

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