Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tweety Bird

Tweety bird at 60

One of the most common cartoon character is Tweety bird. The character always reminds me my childhood life but I am wondering if Tweety bird can be also an old one like me he he he.
One monday morning my co-employee show me her stuff. I was then amaze because she presented 60 year old Tweety Bird on her desktop screen. She told me that it was send by her younger daugther in Dubai.
At first tell to my whoa! Tweety Bird is at 60. In this very unremarkable picture I ask her to send it to my email so that I can share it to my viewers, and here is now.
This is very funny isnt it. But at the other part of it there is a spark that we will be getting older.
Check out his texture, feather, skin and expression. He is not that energetic and hyper active. Meaning all of us can be that way in due time so count your good deeds and be prepare for your future like seating in a racking chair. Wait for your pension and money from your business. (If you don’t have business engage in stocks but be careful with the company before invest check their earning, profitability and cash on hand).

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