Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Part 5: Academic achievement, (average test scores in reading and mathematic) and the number of suspensions for each school under study

Figure 2: Percentage distribution of average test scores in Mathematics SY: 2005-2006

Figure 2 shows the percentage distribution of average test scores in Mathematics SY: 2005-2006. It can be gleaned in the figure that school number 3 has the highest scores in proficient in Mathematics scores. But, the advance level has not been achieved. This implies that school number 3 have lots of students who are good in Mathematics, which made the institution capable of coming up with talented students.

However, it is also notable that although the other 7 schools have the similar trend of average scores in mathematics which could imply similar strategies for school policies and procedures in catering to students of grade 8, but, institutional techniques have to be hugely improved to assure better students achievement in the acquisition of mathematical skills.

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