Thursday, August 20, 2009

Part 7: Academic achievement, (average test scores in reading and mathematic) and the number of suspensions for each school under study

Figure 3: Percentage distribution of average test scores in Reading

SY: 2006-2007

Figure 3 shows the percentage distribution of average test scores in Reading SY: 2006-2007. It can be gleaned in the figure that all of the schools except number 3 have the same trends of percentage distributions. This implies that the school number 3 must have a good number of students who were proficient in reading with comprehension. Clearly, subjectivity aside, the school administrators of the 7 other schools must have to emulate the strategy of school number 3 to assure better graduates. Otherwise, attending school and graduating without the aptitude in reading and comprehension would only mean less quality products for lesser quality work considering the highly competitive labor market of the 21st century.

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