Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Storeman

I went to a Filipino store to buy some product. I met the Filipino store owner (Standing in front of his store) and he asked me, what I can do for you. I describe it. After that the store owner told his helper, do we have that. The helper replied we don’t have sir (without looking at the store’s place). Actually there store have lots of identically items that I am looking for on their shelves but I did not told them. After that I went to a Chinese store. The owner is also in front of his store he said when he so me a words that I could not forget was “Suki! Suki! ano gusto mo” (Suki is person who patronized his store, and ano gusto mo is what do you want) with this very compassionate word I was engaged to tell him want I want even though I think his store does not have that. After telling him my product description he went to his back door and a minute later he has my product.

I told him that how do you have that he told me because you are my customer so I have to satisfied you okay. Now you are my “Suki.”


I am not destroying the reputation of my country but instead I site this to help them and other entrepreneurs to develop their skills on marketing. Chinese owner were leaving in the Philippines and mostly likely they can be found in China town Manila Philippines.

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