Monday, June 1, 2009

The faster it goes, the Faster it disappear

This is my Sari Sari Store

All of the things in nature are interrelation with one another. One of the very common things that I have been observed in the nature of business were the Sari Sari Store (Small business).

One of the most populator sari sari store here in the Philippines was own by my friend. One day he invites me to have some merienda (a meal after lunch ) on his house so unfortunately I attended. When I was eating a very delicious mango candy I ask him one thing. Who made this, he said “I don’t know” with out looking at my face. A minute later he offers me another food and I ask him who made this, his response was the same as before “I don’t know”. After that many thing were offered to me then I still asking the question who made this and his answer were the same “I don’t know”. In this manner I told him that you know I will be a speaker of a small business entrepreneurship this evening and I will tell them that your key on success was “I don’t know”.


If you are a business man be sure you know every little details of your product to uplift your marketing presentations. Another thing is people now a day were looking for a tag or barcode.

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